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60% Percentage of cost savings by sending e-statements instead of paper statements.
Percentage of cost savings by sending e-statements instead of paper statements.


Information is a powerful tool-but only if it's at your fingertips. InfoDive® gives you instant access to insightful, actionable information about how your medical practice is performing. This web-based business intelligence solution allows you to quickly and easily analyze both your internal data and compare your practice to others in a variety of areas including coding, productivity, referrals, revenue collection and more.

In this time of reduced reimbursement and higher operational costs, wouldn't you rather be making your critical business decisions based on facts rather than hunches?

Increase Revenue

InfoDive analyzes reimbursements and adjustments so you'll enter contract negotiations with better data than the payer View Sample Data

Increase Productivity

Benchmarks are available by specialty or sub-specialty View Sample Data

Reduce Audit Risk

Compare coding patterns and see how your providers stack up against their peers and national benchmarks View Sample Data

Improve Marketing Results

Use referral data and patient demographics to target your marketing efforts View Sample Data

  • Robust internal and external benchmarking data
  • Automated data updates with little staff time required
  • Complimentary monthly educational webinars
  • No software to install
  • Easy to use
  • Pre-packaged powerful business intelligence key report packets are automatically delivered to you in PDF format
  • Flexible user interface allows easy "slicing and dicing" of data
  • Fully secure and HIPAA compliant

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